It was a cloudy night , the luminescent stars of life were covered by a thick layer of never ending clouds. The howling winds were brushing past the curtains as Jerry was sitting on the balcony with a cigarette between his tender fingers.He gazed up at the sky and there was a sudden smile on his face because he adored rain and darkness , It was a perfect blend for the night. He sat on the edge as his feet lay free in the air,caressed by the howling wind. It felt home, Jerry started laughing frantically because he was feeling it again , the feeling of being at home. He hugged the rails that stood tall and mighty in front of him. Suddenly , the cigarette he was busy smoking seemed meaningless and useless , he decided to doze it off in his ash tray. The ashes flung lifelessly on the hard and brittle ground of the ash tray , the dying embers of cigarettes which helped Jerry to get past the days were lying without any life. Jerry was busy smiling like a maniac, No one has seen him this happy.The howling winds paced up followed by droplets falling from the dense and thick layers of never ending clouds , Jerry exclaimed “Seems like the gods are crying”. He loosened his buttons to give himself some more room to breathe as he snuffed the fresh air ! His pupils dilated and his heart rate increased , it was like seeing the one he loves , who he has been longing for a very long time. He knew he was almost there, he had that slight intuition.

After a few minutes , he gazed to the distance where he could see a flag waving in pride which was furious and  opposing the harsh hollow wind. He chuckled as he leaned back and stretched his arm to grab his cell , he scrolled through some messages of the loved ones. He slashed his cell on airplane mode to avoid any more distractions. The handy earphones were sleeping in his pocket , he grabbed them out and plugged them in. He proceeded to play his all time favorite list of blues and as soon as the first track started blasting , his body stiffened and goosebumps ran all over his body. The ordinary and monotonous playlist felt quite different with this atmosphere .The smile wasn’t wearing off , It was like a night of a lifetime which he never wanted to end , he was enjoying every bit of it. He looked up again and the pouring increased , he dragged his earphones out and threw his phone inside. He stood up and stretched his arms acting like he was accepting the tears of the omnipresent whilst the music was still blasting in the background , it looked like a movie scene. It started pouring heavily and Jerry stood there stiff and tall embracing each and every droplet that touched his skin. He closed his eyes and with his arm stretched as he pretended to hug the omnipresent and there was a breathtaking thunder which seemed like a response but Jerry was fearless , the vibrations of the thunder flew through the land , he was too elated to feel fear , he was grooving to the music being blasted in the background and gradually the pouring decreased.Jerry decided to hop back in the room for a change of clothes meanwhile he heated some milk for his coffee. He took small sips as he witnessed the beauty of nature that we call rain , he cherished every second of it. From winds to thunder. A few minutes passed and Jerry was fast asleep like a 3 year old.

He woke up late the next day because of the lovely atmosphere that last night downpour left , he cussed his phone because his alarm didn’t go off as he rushed for a shower. He grabbed his belongings and stuffed them in his lovely companion that he called “Exodus” Yes , that was his bag. He wore a belt to prevent his denims for dropping as he reached  his door but he was forgetting something ? He gave a quick look and noticed his lighter and a bunch of remaining cigarettes from last night that were not smoked , he salvaged the remaining items. He checked out of that place to continue his vagabond life. Jerry slammed his cap on to protect himself for the sun and soon enough the bud was touching his lips again , he smoked a puff and continued his journey followed by a last look at that place to reminisce that night as he smiled and said ” So , this is what it feels like”


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