This is a quick interpretation of the track – It Ain’t Me by Kygo and Selena

I am doing this because I really liked the symbolism embedded in this video
I am open to other interpretations too , just leave them down below

The video starts with a guy helping his girlfriend to wear the necessary accessories for a bike ride and they start their journey , rushing through the tunnel feeling the adrenaline but soon their bike crashes ( This is due to the collision with a car as you can see the headlights of the car flickering in background )

The girl instantly dies from the fall whereas the guy is heavily injured and is bleeding internally , now for the rest of the video you will see the girls ghost manifesting herself in the hospital to take care of that guy. The guy is rushed to the hospital and as soon as the defibrillator hits his chest , he starts astral projection and wakes up in the same spot of the accident ( This is all going in his mind palace )

Screenshot (333).png

We can see the guy is aimlessly walking in a tunnel , the tunnel represents life and at the bright end is death. The doctor is doing a medical checkup as he bumps his eye lids to see his eyes and at that very moment the light hits in his tunnel from the top , this represents hope meanwhile the ghost of his girlfriend is taking care of him in real life.

Screenshot (335).png

Screenshot (336).png

Screenshot (339).png

Soon , the guy walks into a forest that is brightly lit and sees somewhat candle like projections which represents that many people are praying for him ( being his family member , friends , girlfriend etc ) This is followed by some clips of his girlfriends ghost moving around him and taking care of him , suddenly the doctor barges in for a MRI scan.

Screenshot (337).png

The MRI scan is initiated and finally she gets a chance to crash in his mind palace , we can see her coming from the bright side of the tunnel that represents she is dead , she is wearing a butterfly patterned top which I will talk about later. She rushes to hug him but he can’t hug back because he is paralyzed from that accident. She starts dancing and shows beautiful projections which help his paralyzed body move.

Screenshot (344).png

Taking him to back to the forest that is brightly lit with candle like projections
She shows him that how much people care for him and butterflies can be seen coming out of her mouth which represents new life. She is indirectly spreading hope and showing him the new life , clip changes to the real life scene where the ghost is anxious and is in distress by just looking at his boyfriends condition , she receives some calls from his loved ones but she is not talking back , she is just there to attend them and convey it to his boyfriend in indirect ways.

Screenshot (347).png

Finally , you can observe the ghost has got peace and she is dancing in joy that his boyfriend is going to live , she wants him to live for her. The guy starts jamming in his mind palace which represents that his paralyzed coma stage is finally fading and he is getting back to life. He starts sprinting in the opposite direction of the tunnel which represents that he is coming back to life , the doctor starts dancing too because he is affected by the ghost ( Which can also represent that the MRI scans were successful and he has no major injuries ) The celebration is inevitable and it is soon accompanied by the the butterfly and cocoon effect which shows rebirth and love. The video ends with the guy waking up from his coma and his girlfriend becoming a butterfly pecking his forehead.

Screenshot (352).png

(The Butterfly effect representing love )

Screenshot (354).png

(The Cocoon effect )
Screenshot (358).png

Screenshot (360).png

Screenshot (362).png

[Pre-Chorus: Selena Gomez]
No, I don’t wanna know
Where you been or where you’re goin’
But I know I won’t be home
And you’ll be on your own

The pre-chorus validates my interpretation nonetheless this is a great track with amazing visuals



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